Silver Volume Tweezers

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Lion Lash Box

Store your eyelash extensions in our stylish Lion Lash Box! One box contains five separate storing compartments for your eyelash extensions.
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Vetus Tweezers ESD-15

High quality, durable and sharply pointed tweezers for eyelash extensions.
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Our highest quality tweezer collection with 3 different tweezer models. These tweezers have been developed in conjunction with our clients to get the best possible collection to satisfy their needs. These tweezers have a sharp point for precision work on any type of lashes. This lightweight precision crafted tool is perfect for volume lashes and fan creation. For the best results we recommend you use these tweezers with Lion Lashes Volume lash collections.
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Silver Isolation tweezers

These high-quality Isolation tweezers feature a sharp point allowing for isolation of the finest lashes.
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Deluxe gel patches 20 pc

Innovative, non-allergic gel patches securely separates bottom lashes during the eyelash extension application. These patches are soft and thin and fits for all kinds of eye types. The gel patches hydrate skin because they contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. They come in 2 different sizes, small and medium.
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Crystal glue stone

High quality platform to hold your eyelash extension adhesive. Its large mass helps keep your adhesive at a consistent temperature.
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Chrissantie 10pcs

Gentle Eyelid cleanser which is perfect for use with eyelash extensions. Eye doctors recommend for daily cleaning to sanitise eyelids and clean eyelashes. A convenient way to not only clean your eyelashes but also effectively extend the life of your lash extensions. This cleanser can also be mixed with water (1:10) in our spray pump bottle.
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Disposable Mascara Wand 1pc

Mascara Wands are used to brush and straighten lashes during and after eyelash application.
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Chrissanthie foam

Chrissanthie Cleanser Foam is designed to completely clean eyelids and eyelashes of all ocular secretions made in response to conditions such as Blepharitis.• Eyelid Cleanser Foam contains Tea tree to clean and sanitize the eyelids and eyelashes • Great for pre and post eyelash extensions / eyebrow extensions. • Removes all make-up, even waterproof make-up. • Always rinse after use for clean, fresh and healthy eyelashes. Designed by an Ophthalmologist, the foam gently cleanses the eyelids of all impurities, pre and post eyelash extensions and also effectively remove make-up. Chrissanthie foam is ideal for sensitive skin and contact lenswearers, leaving eyes feeling cool and relieved without any oily residue.
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Under Eye Gel Patches 1 pc

These Gel Patches securely separates bottom lashes during the eyelash extension application. They hydrate skin and releases easily after the application.
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